«Reforestando» (Reforesting) is a project of interventions in space with the motivation to help the plant kingdom in a poetic way to recover lost space. The mural interventions focused on plant species related to the environments where they are carried out, have several approaches: to portray the plants and thus reinforce the link of our gaze to the plant kingdom, suggest knowledge about plants to the observers and create beauty to attract the attention of people to the present moment.

The Reforesting project, started in 2014, has carried out more than 50 mural painting interventions in urban and rural spaces in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Kosovo and Morocco; portraying a different plant species in each of the murals and related to the natural environment and the inhabitants of the spaces surrounding the space to be intervened. The project is now a mural herbarium scattered around the world, constantly expanding. Showing diversity and emphasizing the need for conservation and respect, now more than ever.

The choice of species is based on a previous study of the native vegetation of the area, the traveling species, the traditional relationships with the inhabitants through medicine, gastronomy or spiritual uses, studies of endangered species, etc. So that the selected species is representative in some way.

Due to the experience of the project, the younger generations are the ones who are most unaware of the existence of a great variety of plants, which leads me to feel a greater motivation to expand the project to show the great diversity of the plant kingdom. With what knowledge implies.

(a selection of works from the «Reforestando» project)

Rosa Canina . Ferizaj (Kosovo)2020. For Change from Void projects and Muralfest Kosovo.
Cichorium intybus. Picassent (valencia) 2021. For Cromapica.
Allium roseum. Cáceres. 2020. For Murales con objetivos.
Atropa belladona. Padova (Italia) 2021. For Biennale street art superwalls.
Phytolacca dioica. Vigo (Galiza) 2020. For Vigo cidade de cor.
Nuphar luteum. Puente San Miguel (Cantabria) 2021. For Jornadas Altera.
Papaver rhoeas. Cenlle (Galiza) 2018.
Linum ussittasium. Zas (Galiza). 2019.
Sorbus aucuparia. Alfamén (Zaragoza). 2018. For Asalto Alfamen.
Salvia officinalis. Mallorca. 2019. For Saladina fest.
Hyoscyamus niger. Juzbado (Salamanca). 2021.
Quercus. Sevilla. 2018. For Urvanity.
Ceratonia siliqua. Fanzara (Valencia). 2019. For Miau Fanzara .
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